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We seek to create video media “That Makes You See.” We work hard to provide material that is both informative and engaging. Our four main goals can be found under the “About” section.

David George Moore

David George Moore is the host of “Moore Engaging.” Dave has enjoyed an eclectic career from undercover work arresting shoplifters to pastoral ministry. The latter was the most dangerous.

He has given chapel messages to several NFL football teams, Major League baseball, and the LPGA. Dave has spoken at many universities and colleges (e.g. Stanford, Cal/Berkeley, Arizona State, Rice, Vanderbilt, Wheaton, and the University of Texas at Austin), churches, and in five different countries (Mexico, Canada, Poland, Croatia, and France). He’s been a plenary speaker for the Veritas Forum and Cru.

Dave’s media work includes the highest ranked local radio program for its time period, PBS, and various pieces in publications like the Austin American-Statesman, the Huffington Post and Patheos where he is a regular contributor for the Jesus Creed portal (Scot McKnight proprietor).

Dave is the author of four books. His latest, Stuck in the Present: How History Frees and Forms Christians was written to encourage more comprehensive discipleship. Dave lives in Austin with his wife Doreen. Doreen is the author of Good Christians, Good Husbands: Leaving a Legacy in Marriage and Ministry. This work details the marriages and ministries of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and John Wesley. Their oldest son David received two degrees from the University of Texas/Austin and works for Deloitte. David is married to Reese who works for Citi. They live in Dallas. Dave and Doreen’s other son, Chris, is a second-year law student at Harvard University.

Moore Engaging seeks to accomplish at least four things:

Addressing Sacred Cows.

Creating attractive media for seeing in fresh ways.

Maintaining hope in a cynical age.

Engaging issues with civility and courage.

  • "Dear David: That was a fine interview, I say as an alumnus of a great many. Your queries are sharp, yet congenial. The grip you have on your material wonderfully managed and you have a fine capacity to stimulate all the glands of curiosity. My congratulations."

    William F. Buckley

    Editor-at-large, National Review
  • "David Moore's interview questions were focused and relevant. He has a unique ability to draw out answers from the interviewee that go beyond the usual clichés and boilerplate. I found the experience of being interviewed by him to be stimulating.  It helped me focus on the main points I tried to get across in my book."

    James McPherson

    Pulitzer-Prize Winner for Battle Cry of Freedom
  • "Dave Moore did his homework, asked all the right questions, and was a pleasure to sit down with. He's a real pro."

    Tony Horwitz

    Pulitzer-Prize Winner
  • "Dave Moore is one of the very best radio interviewers. He read the book that the interview concerned, not just the book jacket. He asked thoughtful questions that kept me from going on the autopilot that kicks in after a few dozen interviews. I tremendously enjoyed the change."

    Marvin Olasky

    Editor-in-Chief, World Magazine
  • "Most of the people who have interviewed me on radio are not well informed about my work. The interview I did on David’s program was a pleasant change. I enjoyed it very much."

    E.D. Hirsch

    Author, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

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